Your Guide to Deploying Data Access Control Using Immuta SaaS & Self-Managed

Organizations are realizing the value of data lakehouse architectures and, as a result, adoption rates are skyrocketing. The lakehouse architecture enticingly combines the best features of data lakes and data warehouses by offering a single repository with support for diverse workloads. Due to the advanced nature of these architectures, they require flexible deployment options for cloud data platforms and services. Many leading platforms and services – like Databricks and Snowflake – have caught onto this trend and offer their products as SaaS. 

For teams considering adopting data lakehouse architectures and storing all sensitive data together, protecting data access and privacy must be a priority. Immuta helps data teams ensure strong data protection with our new, flexible, and easy-to-implement Immuta’s SaaS deployment option. 

Immuta’s SaaS deployment is available alongside our self-managed deployment. Continue reading to learn which is the right implementation for your team:   

Self-Managed Immuta Instance:

Users who want to fully manage their own data platform, either in the cloud or on-premises, are able to do so with the self-managed Immuta instance. This fully containerized solution can be deployed using modern management infrastructure on AWS, GCP, Azure, or across on-premises data environments. This option gives you full control over your Immuta instance, allowing you to run all your cloud data platforms and services in the same virtual network.

Self-managed deployment is the best option if your organization requires complete management over your data platforms to meet regulations; approval from internal security teams; or flexibility to deploy Immuta instances to any public cloud and region.  

Immuta’s SaaS Deployment:

We introduced a SaaS deployment to better serve teams looking for a quicker and simpler option. Immuta’s SaaS deployment runs in the Immuta cloud and our team takes care of the infrastructure maintenance, costs, and software upgrades, freeing up more time for your data teams. This is a hassle-free deployment that  can be launched in minutes and eliminates all  manual implementation and management complexities. 

Despite being easy to set up and use, Immuta’s SaaS still offers all of our key data access control features, including out-of-the-box integrations with popular cloud data platforms and services, like Databricks, Snowflake, and Starburst; universal cloud compatibility; and automated data access controls and privacy enhancing technologies. This deployment gives your team the power of Immuta’s automated data access controls with seamless scalability and minimal downtime and overhead. It offers cloud data access control with global deployment options across North America and Europe, ensuring you can seamlessly comply with international data use rules and regulations.

With the addition of SaaS, we offer something for everyone — Immuta’s deployment options fully address all data teams’ varying needs and objectives. This is a simple, low maintenance way to strengthen your data’s privacy without requiring significant effort and time, so you can maximize what you’re able to accomplish with your data. 

Learn more about Immuta’s deployment options and get started for yourself here. Or, to get a step-by-step look at how easy it is to get started with Immuta, request a demo to see how we can unlock your data’s value without compromising security, compliance, or privacy.


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