Immuta + Snowflake

Simplify and Automate Snowflake Data Access Control

Immuta partners with Snowflake to ensure customers can protect and govern their data on the Snowflake Data Cloud. With Immuta, customers can create data policies once and have them enforced across multiple data and cloud platforms without managing roles.

Snowflake Data Access Control

Built on top of Snowflakes’ foundation controls, Immuta provides Snowflake customers with advanced security, access control, auditing, and privacy management. Data-driven organizations that have moved to Snowflake can now add Immuta to simplify, automate, and scale their data operations and data sharing.


Benefits of this partnership

Automated Access Control and Data Security

Author data policies once and enforce everywhere, even as data sets and users grow, without managing an explosion of roles.

Plain Language Understandable Policies

Empower policy stakeholders to manage access without specialized SQL engineering resources.

Policy Auditing and Versioning

Easily prove proper data use and compliance against data use agreements.

  • Immuta is a Premier Snowflake partner
  • Immuta integrates with Snowflake's Data Lineage product

As a founding member of Snowflake's Data Governance Accelerated program, Immuta leverages Snowflake’s native data governance capabilities to simplify and automate enterprise-wide data access controls for Snowflake customers. We value our partnership with Immuta, which can enable Snowflake customers to expand their consumption in a secure and governed manner, to get maximum value from their Snowflake investment.

Jeff Lee Technology Alliance Director

Simplify and Automate Data Access Control