Automated security & privacy for Snowflake

Immuta and Snowflake have partnered and integrated their market-leading solutions to bring a new level of security and privacy to cloud analytics and data sharing. Data-driven organizations can now use Snowflake and Immuta to store, analyze and share even the most sensitive data sets with ease.

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Automated privacy control in the cloud

Immuta delivers advanced Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), such as differential privacy and k-anonymization, within the Snowflake platform — eliminating the need to copy or manually anonymize data.


Share even the most sensitive data

Immuta’s powerful governance capabilities allow Snowflake customers to confidently and securely share data with third parties without having to make copies or manage complex roles.


Maintain complete data security

Immuta can decrypt data stored in Snowflake on the fly using easy-to-author policies that access external security algorithms or keys – preserving total data security without additional infrastructure.


See it in Action!

See the native Immuta integration with Snowflake first hand. This short video shows how Snowflake users see only what they are allowed to see, based on who they are and their approved purpose.


Immuta’s Automated Data Governance platform provides Snowflake customers with the confidence they require to share and analyze even the most sensitive data workloads. Working in the background as a governance layer, Immuta automatically protects and anonymizes sensitive data natively within Snowflake workspaces.



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