Immuta + Azure Synapse

Simplify and Automate Azure Synapse Data Security

Immuta partners with Microsoft to ensure customers can protect and govern their data on the Azure Synapse. With Immuta, customers can create data policies once and have them enforced across multiple data and cloud platforms without managing roles.

Benefits of this partnership

Accelerate time to data

Immuta allows self-service for data consumers. They can see data that they have access to and access a workflow to request access to data for which they can see policies governing them.

Reduce data engineering costs & bottleneck to respond to data requests

Data Operations no longer have to create copies of data to masking out sensitive data. Dynamic masking is applied at query time to the ‘gold’ table based on Immuta policies authored by data governors.

Unlock more data for use

Policies are written in understandable plain language so that compliance officers have assurance of the security controls on new workloads uploaded to Synapse.

Azure Synapse Data Blueprints

Step-by-step guides for implementing dynamic access control for Azure Synapse Data use cases.

Simplify and Automate Data Access Control