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Starburst’s federated query engine acts as a single access point across even the most complex data architectures, while Immuta centralizes data security so that policies are consistently enforced at query runtime. Together, Starburst and Immuta provide dynamic, scalable protection across data mesh architectures, delivering flexibility and security so organizations can unlock more value from their data.

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Our Value

Easily Scale
Starburst Data Security

Simplify operations

Accelerate and simplify operations with 93x fewer data policies

Improve data security

Improve data security across hundreds of thousands of tables

Unlock data's value

Unlock data's value with 100x faster
access to data

By integrating Immuta’s data security capabilities with Starburst, organizations can ensure that the right people are able to access the right data at the right time. Expanding this partnership with Immuta will enable organizations to deliver faster, safer, more cost-effective data analytics wherever their data resides.

Matt Fuller, Co-Founder and VP of Product Starburst
Key Capabilities

How Immuta Works with Starburst

Immuta’s native integration with Starburst allows data platform teams to discover, secure, and monitor data for threat detection, across even the most complex compute environments in real time.


Discover and Classify Sensitive Data

  • Centralize data policy management
  • Discover and classify sensitive data from any Starburst data source
  • Easily assess your sensitive data footprint with registered tags like PII and PHI
  • Apply 60+ prebuilt classifiers, alongside domain-specific and custom classifiers
  • Monitor for schema and user changes
  • Integrate and sync user information from your IAM

Secure Data with Dynamic Controls

  • Orchestrate data policies across all Starburst data sources
  • Build policies in plain language or as-code
  • Enforce policies in real time when queries are run
  • Enable attribute- and purpose- based access control
  • Reduce policy complexity and avoid role explosion
  • Leverage privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)

Monitor Activity and Detect Threats

  • Receive time insights into data and user activity
  • Get anomaly indicators to identify potential threats
  • Proactively analyze, respond to, and remediate risks
  • Understand risk profile indicators, notifications, and alerts
  • Generate audit reports to prove compliance
  • Improve data security posture management for all Starburst data
Use Cases

Unlocking Value with
Immuta and Starburst

With Immuta, Starburst customers can maximize the value of their cloud investments by enabling data mesh architectures, zero trust, and data access control.

Data Mesh

Data mesh architectures put data management responsibilities in the hands of data owners, freeing up IT bottlenecks and supporting data use across domains. For Starburst customers leveraging data mesh, Immuta decentralizes governance, simplifies data product ownership, and enables secure data access, allowing organizations to increase agility with speed and scale.

Distributed data stewardship implementation for data mesh architecture.

Zero Trust

Zero trust provides peace of mind that data use is always verified, but it can be difficult to implement effectively if constant re-authentication causes delays to data access. For Starburst users establishing a zero trust framework, Immuta dynamically orchestrates and enforces plain language policies at query runtime, simplifying policy management and providing visibility into who is accessing data, when, and why.

Immuta Detect User Overview

Data Access Control

Starburst is built to power queries across multiple systems. But controlling access to the data those queries return can be difficult for teams relying on static, role-based access control. Immuta provides Starburst users with dynamic, attribute-based access control so they can accelerate data delivery, simplify administration, reduce risk, and safely unlock more data.

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