Immuta + Starburst

Automate Data Security for Starburst

Starburst and Immuta minimize complexity so the right people are able to access the right data at the right time, no matter where the data lives. As a federated query engine, Starburst Enterprise acts as a single access point across even the most complex data architectures. Immuta centralizes data access policy management and enforcement so that policies are dynamically and consistently applied at query time. With Immuta’s native integration to Starburst Enterprise, it's easier than ever to provide rapid, controlled access to data across Data Mesh architectures.

Embedded into Your Favorite Data Products

Immuta’s native integration with Starburst allows data engineering and operations teams to scale secure data access so that any user can access and share data — even the most sensitive data — across all compute environments in real time.


Benefits of this partnership

Attribute-Based Access Controls

With Immuta’s attribute-based access controls (ABAC), policies are dynamically enforced on queries in Starburst. This protects sensitive data with row-, column-, and cell-level data protection, without having to make copies. Now, you can have fine-grained access control over sensitive data while reducing risk from data leaks or non-compliance with organizational policies.

Purpose-Based Access Controls

New and expanding government regulations such as CCPA and the GDPR prevent analytics teams from legally using sensitive data without clear and intended purposes. Immuta provides easy-to-use consent workflows for data teams to audit usage purposes and create attribute-based controls that enforce who can use what data and why.

Automatic Detection of Sensitive Data

Immuta’s sensitive data detection feature automates the discovery and classification of sensitive attributes across your Starburst instance, helping to save time and eliminate risk from manual errors. After registering data sources with Immuta, data teams can automatically classify and tag direct, indirect, and sensitive identifiers.

Starburst Data Blueprints

Step-by-step guides for implementing dynamic access control for Starburst Data use cases.

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