Immuta for Public Sector

Immuta enables government entities and partners to streamline data access management, facilitate secure data sharing, and implement advanced security and privacy controls to ensure that all data – including sensitive data – is available to the right people at the right time. With Immuta, government organizations are able to maintain safe, efficient access to data in order to make the right decisions for the mission.

Why Immuta

Share Data Safely

Empower data teams to securely discover, share and collaborate on data across offices, agencies, and departments by enforcing dynamic access controls without the proliferation of data copies or views to comply with all data sharing and data use agreements.

Manage Data Access Across Cloud Data Platforms to enable AI

Enable data-driven operations with consistent data tagging, provisioning, and policy enforcement across multiple cloud platforms and services. Simplify data access management, reduce risk, and dramatically accelerate data access for the mission.

Audit Everything

Prove compliance with laws and regulations, including DoD Directives, Intelligence Community Directives (ICDs), data use agreements, privacy laws, PII/PHI regulations, etc. Leverage advanced auditing and granular reporting to get full visibility into who accessed what data, when, and for what purpose.

Featured Customer

“What if all those organizations could just create those rules, save it and be able to know in an auditable way that those rules are being followed, which is where Immuta came in for us.”

Use Cases

Immuta uses automated data access and privacy controls to help reduce risk and safely enable more data-driven outcomes using sensitive data.

Public Health

  • Public/Private Health Data Sharing
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Payment Tracking / Improper Payments
  • Public Health Data Analytics and Research
  • Veterans’ Health Data and Benefits

Homeland Security

  • Customs and Border Protection Adjudication
  • Risk-based Screening for Immigration and Citizenship
  • Informed Resource Allocation for Disaster Response
  • Situational Awareness for Field Operations and First Responders
  • Real-time Analytics for Threat Assessment

Financial Services

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Combatting Terrorism Financing
  • Trading Analytics and Data Science
  • Protection of Market-Moving Information


  • Mission Partner Connectivity
  • Data Distribution and Control
  • AI Data Readiness
  • Cross-Platform Data Sharing


  • Cross-Domain Data Protection
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Strategic and Tactical Targeting
  • Open Source Analytics
  • Enable Decision Advantage

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