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Immuta for Public Sector

Whether it’s using data to create an advantage on the battlefield or improving data access and governance to accelerate data sharing, data management policies are more complex and more challenging than ever before. Immuta is solving these challenges to ensure that proper data access control and compliance protocols are in place, and that all data - even sensitive data - can drive rapid decision-making and effective action.

Accelerate Secure Data Access

Empower data teams to securely discover, share and collaborate on data across offices, agencies, and departments by enforcing dynamic access controls without the proliferation of data copies or views to comply with all data sharing and data use agreements.

Data Access Control
Manage Data Access Across Cloud Data Platforms to Enable AI

Enable data-driven operations with consistent data tagging, provisioning, and policy enforcement across multiple cloud platforms and services. Simplify data access management, reduce risk, and dramatically accelerate data access for the mission.

Data Modernization
Audit and Prove Compliance

Prove compliance with laws and regulations, including DoD Directives, Intelligence Community Directives (ICDs), data use agreements, privacy laws, PII/PHI regulations, etc. Leverage advanced auditing and granular reporting to get full visibility into who accessed what data, when, and for what purpose.


The democratization of being able to quickly connect [analytic] tools to the data sources regardless of where they sit in the organization is a huge deal.

Josh Wilson VP at Advanced Analytics, LMI

Use Cases

By enforcing data access controls across all cloud and hybrid data platforms at scale, Immuta enables government agencies to fulfill mandates to share data as broadly as possible for smarter decision making, without having to copy data to multiple platforms or perform other manual data rework.

Intelligence Analysis
  • Cross-team data sharing
  • Person of Interest tracking
  • Data fusion
Cross-Agency Data Sharing
  • Public health initiatives (e.g., COVID-19 data tracking)
  • Payment tracking
  • Public research initiatives
Regulatory Compliance
  • US Person, CAPCO, and other data protection regulations
  • Data sharing agreement implementation
  • Auditing

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