Immuta + Google BigQuery

Simplify and Automate BigQuery Data Security

Immuta partners with world’s leading technology and solutions providers to ensure customers can protect and govern their data on the modern data stack. Immuta provides data access control for Google BigQuery customers, delivering automated fine-grained access control at the row-, column-, and cell-level so that BigQuery users can safely query their data while complying with rules and regulations.

Immuta + BigQuery Overview

Google BigQuery provides serverless analytics at low cost and big scale. Paired with Immuta, BigQuery users also gain automated data security to control data access. Immuta delivers security and privacy controls that enable the safe analysis of sensitive data stored in BigQuery, allowing data and compliance teams to do more with BigQuery, without worrying about security concerns. Immuta's native integration with BigQuery is easy to use as a SaaS deployment, with zero overhead or hits to performance.


Automated Data Access Control

Author data policies once and enforce everywhere, even as data sets and users grow, without having to manage an explosion of roles.

Plain Language Data Policies

Empower policy stakeholders to manage access without requiring specialized engineering resources.

Policy Auditing and Compliance

Easily prove proper data use and compliance against data use agreements.

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Simplify and Automate Data Access Control