AWS Data Security

Immuta delivers native data security for data stored in AWS data platforms, including Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3. With centralized data policy management, data teams can secure and scale data access while accelerating and simplifying operations. As a result, AWS users can unlock more value from their data with Immuta.

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Our Value

Scalable Data Security for AWS

Simplify operations

Manage 93x fewer data policies while also improving transparency.

Improve data security

Granular security across Redshift tables and S3 buckets.

Unlock data’s value

100x faster access to data in AWS – all
with less risk.

By leveraging this new release from Immuta that integrates with Amazon S3 Access Grants, we envision a single control plane for data owners and governors to manage access at scale for all Amazon S3 resources ingested into our data lake (both structured and unstructured). Moreover, as this integration is based on a new Amazon S3 native access control capability, it gives us confidence that controls will be enforced consistently, no matter which technology data consumers will choose to access the data.

Luca Falsina Principal Software Engineer
Key Capabilities

How Immuta Delivers AWS Data Security

Immuta provides a Data Security Platform that makes it possible to write policies once and apply them across your AWS data, as well as Snowflake and Databricks.


Discover Sensitive Data

  • Sync user information from your IAM
  • Register metadata about Redshift tables
  • Monitor for schema and user changes
  • Enrich and tag sensitive data (PII, etc.)
  • Categorize data according to regulatory frameworks

Secure Data Seamlessly

  • Centralize data policy management
  • Enforce attribute-based access control (ABAC)
  • Apply multiple policies to each table
  • Write policies in plain language or as code
  • Use Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)
  • Leverage S3 Access Grants to control S3 permissions

Detect Threats and Monitor Usage

  • Access timely insights into data access activity
  • Receive anomaly indicators for faster analysis
  • Proactively remediate risks
  • Generate audit reports to prove compliance
  • Audit policy versions and changes

Integrations with AWS Data Platforms

Immuta integrates natively with the most popular AWS data platforms, leveraging AWS APIs to supercharge data security. With Immuta’s native integrations with Snowflake, Databricks, and other data platforms, it’s simple to manage data policies across any platform in your data stack.

Immuta for Amazon Redshift

Redshift is a high performance data warehouse for structured data. Immuta provides granular data security at the table, row, and column level.

Immuta for Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provides object storage. Immuta provides ABAC across objects including buckets, folders, individual objects, or files in a bucket.


Immuta + AWS Architecture

Immuta delivers data security for structured data across AWS data platforms. By leveraging Amazon’s APIs and new Access Grants features, Immuta can attach data source-level tags in order to apply policies.

Our Value

Unlocking Value with Immuta and AWS

Simplify Operations

For organizations looking to modernize their data stacks with AWS and protect the business data, Immuta provides easy, plain language policy authoring while enabling distributed data stewardship. Users are empowered to create and manage policies and implement dynamic attribute-based access controls, with no technical expertise required.

Improve Data Security

By separating policy from platform, Immuta allows for consistent policy enforcement across AWS data platforms. As data rules and regulations rapidly increase, Immuta’s flexible access control approach allows users to create attribute- and purpose-based restrictions, simplifying security and compliance with regulatory requirements and making it easier to investigate incidents.

Unlock Data's Value

Immuta accelerates access to data by 100x, enabling AWS users to be more productive. With Immuta, organizations can drive business innovation, improve data-driven decision making, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience – all with reduced risk.

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