Immuta for Financial Services & Fintech

Financial services and fintech firms trust Immuta as a core component of their data control environments, so they can safely gain business insights and value from even their most sensitive data.


Credit Suisse recognizes Immuta as a "game-changing" enterprise IT disruptor as a part of its 2021 Disruptive Technology Recognition Program

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Data Access Control

Empower data teams to securely discover, share, and collaborate on data across applications. Ensure data scientists and data analysts have the right level of access to the right data, without unintentional data leaks.

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Fine-Grained Auditing & Reporting

Data teams can gather real-time insights with detailed auditable reports to prove compliant data use. Provide automated, policy-based table-, column-, row-, and cell-level access to data.

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Dynamic Data Masking

Immuta’s plain language policy builder removes the guesswork from data protection techniques such as dynamic data masking and differential privacy, thereby increasing collaboration and data stewardship between data and regulatory compliance teams.

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Immuta has given us significant acceleration. But, it’s not just about time. It’s about simplicity and granularity. Immuta gives us a precise instrument in my toolbox to explicitly see and grant access to data. It’s a super cool addition to our modern data stack.

Igor Chtivelband VP of Data at

Typical Financial Industry Use Cases

Immuta is the modern data access control solution for cloud-based and on-premises data ecosystems. Automated data access and privacy controls help reduce risk and enable more data use across platforms, so you can compete with data.

Banking & Payments

Enable financial data for use in applications such as

  • Customer 360
  • Trading Analytics
Wealth & Asset Management

Leverage troves of financial nuggets for predictive analytics

  • Customer Churn
  • Product Recommendation
  • Risk Management

Reduce financial risk and enable personalize service

  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Claims Optimization
  • Personalized Offers
Data Sharing

Access control for sharing data with third parties, such as

  • Credit Agencies
  • Financial Aggregators
  • Personalized Financial Wellness

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