Machine Learning & AI

Machine learning is advancing, but still lacks data auditability, privacy preservation and an understanding of model risk. Immuta is attacking this problem to bring quality control to the data fueling machine learning algorithms. We’re looking for data scientists and researchers to help us make machine learning enterprise grade and usher in the age of ethical AI.

Law, Ethics, & Data Science

There’s a massive gap between regulation and AI, with new risks emerging daily. We’re hiring the best legal engineers and privacy scientists to analyze the regulatory environment and figure out how to bridge the gulf between law and AI by making law machine executable. Join us to create a world of AI that protects privacy and is fully compliant with the law.

Customer Partnerships

Anyone can write code. At Immuta, we want people who will push themselves to learn and solve the world’s biggest data problems. We’re transforming medical research with Cognoa by protecting the privacy of research data to improve treatment for children with autism. We’re solving the data privacy problem of telemetry in vehicles with Daimler. What will you do at Immuta?

Culture & People

At Immuta, we’re academics, engineers, and operators that are aligned in a mission to ensure legal and ethical AI. We’re self-educating, constantly curious, and transforming the academic into reality by integrating it into technology. We want lawyers, data scientists, software engineers and leaders that are not afraid to fail or take risks, and that will push themselves to solve today’s biggest challenges in AI.

Open Positions