Immuta for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Immuta enables fast, safe access to and sharing of health data vital for research, innovation, and efficient operations, while ensuring full compliance with privacy rules for protected health data.

Why Immuta

Transparent Data Access Controls

Immuta enables consistent, attribute and purpose-based access controls authored in plain English that data owners, compliance and legal professionals can see, understand, and trust. Sensitive analytics data is safely shared on-demand with researchers and decision makers to achieve key strategic objectives.

Dynamic Data Masking

Immuta lets you define a single policy with data masking rules that can be applied to many different users, data sets and purposes, from compliance with the HIPAA “minimum necessary” standard, to implementing advanced patient data de-identification methodologies that maximize data value.

Auditing and Reporting

Immuta’s automated policy enforcement and advanced auditing and reporting capabilities make it easier than ever to prove your data management practices comply with privacy rules like HIPAA and GDPR, as well as drug- and device-related regulations set by the FDA and other agencies.

Featured Customer

“The ability for us to manage access controls, deploy privacy-enhancing technologies, and rapidly implement novel frameworks of governance for our research teams has been a breath of fresh air.”

Use Cases

Immuta provides consistent data access control at scale, with transparent, auditable data privacy and regulatory compliance. Researchers and analysts have the right level of access to sensitive analytics data, so they can freely, efficiently, and fully utilize data science and advanced analytics to drive breakthroughs in treatments and patient care.

Audit-Ready Compliance

  • HIPAA/HITECH Act compliance
  • HITRUST CSF certification
  • SOC 2 attestation
  • FDA GxP compliance

Expedited Innovations in Treatment and Care

  • Data de-identification for accelerated and compliant data access
  • Scale data access for data science and advanced analytics

Share Sensitive Data with Third Parties

  • Share data with contractors, partners, and other third parties
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Improved public health initiatives and outcomes

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