How Immuta + Hakkōda De-Risk Enterprise Data

As Immuta seamlessly integrates with various data environments, Hakkōda provides the essential talent to effectively work with and optimize Immuta's capabilities. With expertise in data and analytics, Hakkōda ensures the delivery of optimal results and value for clients as they navigate the complexities of data security.

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Our Value

Scale Data Security Across Platforms

Simplify Operations

Accelerate and simplify operations with 93x fewer data policies.

Improve Data Security

Bolster data security across hundreds of thousands of tables.

Unlock Data's Value

Get more insights and value with 100x faster access to data.

Our mutual customers use Immuta to get a lot of the administrative out of the way and lower barriers to getting value out of their projects.

Ryan Tucker, Co-Founder & CRO Hakkoda
Key Capabilities

How Immuta Works with Hakkōda's Services

The Immuta Data Security Platform delivers streamlined data discovery, security, and monitoring, and Hakkōda provides the talent to effectively optimize Immuta's capabilities.


Discover and Classify Sensitive Data

  • Centralize data policy management
  • Enrich user metadata and tag sensitive data like PII
  • Easily tag data with external information

Secure Data with Dynamic Controls

  • Enforce attribute-based access controls via views that contain policy logic
  • Write policies in plain language or as-code
  • Leverage privacy enhancing technology (PETs)

Monitor Activity and Detect Threats

  • Receive anomaly indicators for faster analysis
  • Understand sensitivity level and risk profile
  • Generate audit reports to prove compliance

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