Immuta + Amazon Redshift

Simplify and Automate Amazon Redshift Data Security

Immuta provides data access control for Amazon Redshift customers, delivering automated fine-grained access control at the row-, column-, and cell-level so that Redshift users can safely query their data while complying with rules and regulations.

Immuta + Redshift Overview

Immuta is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, providing Amazon Redshift customers with advanced security, access control, auditing, and privacy management. Controlling access to data within Amazon Redshift can be complex, requiring DDL operations to grant access to specific columns for hundreds of roles or creating table views for row-level filtering to define data access. Data-driven organizations on Amazon Redshift can now integrate Immuta to easily discover sensitive data, enforce data access control, and monitor usage across even the most sensitive data sets. With Immuta, you can streamline access control by automatically governing who can see and use what data. Data engineers use Immuta to create modern, fine-grained access control policies across all data. When users query data from Amazon Redshift, Immuta policies are dynamically enforced to simplify role management. Immuta runs alongside Amazon Redshift and is transparent to data consumers. Data consumers can use their existing BI tools, editors, workbenches, and notebooks without impacting their working processes or performance.

Benefits of this partnership

Automated Data Access Control

Author data policies once and enforce everywhere, even as data sets and users grow, without having to manage an explosion of roles.

Plain Language Data Policies

Empower policy stakeholders to manage access without requiring specialized SQL engineering resources.

Policy Auditing and Compliance

Easily prove proper data use and compliance against data use agreements.

Amazon Redshift Data Blueprints

Step-by-step guides for implementing dynamic access control for Amazon Redshift Data use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABAC for AWS?

ABAC for AWS Redshift ensures that effective data access control measures are being implemented on any data that lives within your Redshift clusters. By creating plain-language policies built on dynamic attributes rather than static roles, ABAC gives data teams control over access to their Redshift data without compromising accessibility or timeliness. With ABAC for AWS, users can safely query the data they need without risking misuse or noncompliance with applicable regulations.

What are the benefits of AWS data sharing?

The benefits of AWS data sharing include the ability to instantly access the data users need from anywhere in Amazon Redshift clusters without requiring the copying or moving of said data. Enabled by dynamic attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies, this instantaneous sharing without copying ensures both the maintenance of a single source of truth and the security that data is only viewed by those who are given access permissions. AWS users who need to share this data can do so at whenever they need to without compromising data security or privacy in Redshift and beyond.

Simplify and Automate Data Access Control