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The evolution of the media and entertainment industry has ushered in a new wave of data security needs. From user data to IP, Immuta helps companies protect their most sensitive data so they can focus on delivering a top-notch experience for viewers and listeners.

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Discover sensitive data from millions of fields without manual effort, and apply 60+ prebuilt classifiers alongside domain-specific and custom classifiers. Assess your sensitive data footprint by tagging information like PII and PHI, and allow teams to approve classification tags through workflows.

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Build data policies in plain language or as-code, and automatically enforce them in real time across teams and regions. Immuta's attribute-based access control (ABAC) delivers scalable data access without the challenges of role explosion. By federating governance, you can easily implement modern architectures like data mesh.

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Leverage timely insights into data access and user activity with anomaly indicators for faster analysis and risk remediation. Immuta enables data security posture management via an analysis engine with sensitivity level and risk profile indicators to safeguard and mitigate threats, in addition to notifications, alerts, and audit reports.

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[We] needed Immuta's fine-grained access control because we had a lot of complex business rules and access rules. With the regional use cases...that was really important.

Executive Director of Data Governance, Global Media Conglomerate

Data Security Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Personalized Services

Whether streaming TV shows, movies, or playlists, customers value media platforms that know what they like. Media and entertainment services deliver personalized recommendations by leveraging user data, and must be sure that data is masked and accessed appropriately.

Subscriptions & Automatic Payments

In the era of streaming services, subscriptions and automatic payments are substantial revenue generators. Customers provide media and entertainment companies with sensitive PII like credit card numbers, and in return expect that the right steps will be taken to protect their data.

Regional Regulatory Compliance

In addition to regulations like the GDPR and CCPA, global media and entertainment companies must increasingly comply with data localization and sovereignty requirements. Without a flexible, scalable access control model, this could threaten their ability to efficiently deliver services.

IP & Piracy Risk Mitigation

Media and entertainment companies generate valuable IP, including copyrighted content, original scripts, and trade secrets. Unauthorized access, leakage, or piracy of this type of proprietary information could spell disaster, so data access control and monitoring are necessary safeguards.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is meant to protect copyrighted content, control access to it, and prevent unauthorized redistribution. Media and entertainment companies with a data security and access control strategy can more easily manage and monitor this process.

Content Delivery Network Security

Content delivery networks allow media and entertainment companies to efficiently distribute content to users, but may be vulnerable to breaches, tampering, or unauthorized access. Securing these networks is paramount to mitigating service interruptions and ensuring content availability.

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