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Comply With The World’s Strictest Data Governance Regulations

Companies around the world are facing two conflicting pressures: the need to collect and distribute more data across the enterprise and the need to implement more stringent privacy and security policies. Immuta’s unified access and control layer creates a single, intuitive place to manage all data. Governance personnel can author and apply complex policies on all of your data without having to write memos or code.

Common Data Governance Regulation Scenarios:

  • Protect Data for Regulatory Compliance - GDPR, HIPAA, DOD/IC
  • Prove Compliance with Audits, Reporting, and Remediation Actions
  • Prevent Data Breaches with Data Sovereignty and Localization
Enforce policies from one place

With Immuta’s central policy layer, you can write and enforce policies from one place, regardless of where your data lives. Policies are enforced dynamically in real time as users are trying to access — or even work with — data.

Build rules in plain language

Immuta’s intuitive policy builder lets you author policies in plain language, without code. This means that all security stakeholders — not just system and database admins — can write policies consistently across any data.

No need to move or copy your data

How do you share data without moving it across borders and potentially violating data localization laws? Immuta’s read-only architecture lets your data stay wherever it is, represented virtually in Immuta, so you never have to move or copy it.

Apply differential privacy to any data

Apply differential privacy to any data source, injecting noise into queries to mathematically protect the privacy of individual records. Combine this with Immuta’s purpose-based access controls to satisfy the most stringent data privacy and governance regulations.

Accelerating Privacy Regulation was named the #1 risk among executives surveyed for Gartner’s Q1 2019

Emerging Risk Monitor Report

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