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Live Events Sep 19, 2023
CDAO Government

Join Immuta at the upcoming CDAO Government event, where we’ll be connecting with our mission...

Virtual Events & Webinars Sep 13, 2023
Virtual All Access Tour, Europe

Learn to remove barriers and accelerate secure data access at scale at the Virtual All...

Virtual Events & Webinars Sep 12, 2023
Eine exklusive dreiteilige Webinar-Reihe von Snowflake, Immuta und Initions

Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass das Verwalten von Daten in der heutigen schnelllebigen Zeit, in...

Recorded Webinars
Virtual All Access Tour, North America

Learn to remove barriers and accelerate secure data access at scale at the Virtual All...

Recorded Webinars
Why Engineers Shouldn't Write Data Governance Policies

Controlling data access permissions can be messy, time consuming, and usually a combination of both....

Recorded Webinars
See the Immuta Data Security Platform for Google BigQuery in Action

Join us for an on-demand webinar covering Immuta’s recent Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery designation...

Live Events Jul 18, 2023
Data & Dugouts in Dallas: Join Immuta, Snowflake, and Hakkoda

This event has reached capacity. Register now to join the waitlist. Join Immuta, Snowflake, and...

2023 Snowflake Summit
Learning Hub

2023 Data + AI Summit Learning Vault

Recorded Webinars
See Immuta + Databricks Unity Catalog in Action

Customers rely on Databricks to unlock more data and gain high value insights, and with...

Live Events Jun 9, 2023
DataTech 2023 Conference

Live Events Jun 6, 2023
Data & Dugouts in Toronto: Join Immuta, Snowflake, and Alation

Join Immuta, Snowflake, and Alation for an evening of food, drinks, and networking at the...

Recorded Webinars
Modernize Your Healthcare Data Strategy with Secure and Compliant Data Mesh

One of the most significant developments in modern healthcare is the ability to power every...

Live Events May 25, 2023
Data & Dugouts in Atlanta

Join Immuta and Hakkoda for an evening of food, drinks, and networking at the Atlanta...

Recorded Webinars
Implementing Best Practices for Data Security on the Modern Cloud

Enterprise data is growing ever more diverse, dynamic, and distributed across cloud-native computing platforms. However,...

Live Events May 22, 2023
Immuta @ Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Live Events May 21, 2023

Live Events May 11, 2023
Immuta @ Data Innovation Summit Stockholm

Virtual Events & Webinars
The ROI of a Data Security Platform

Data security is often seen as a burden, not a business-driving tactic. But what if...

Live Events Apr 24, 2023
Immuta @ RSA Conference

Live Events Apr 17, 2023
Immuta @ HIMSS 2023

Live Events Apr 3, 2023
A Data Hat Trick in Seattle: Join Immuta, Snowflake, and Fivetran

You don’t need to be an expert to know that handling data without the right...

Live Events Mar 30, 2023
Snowflake Data for Breakfast

Enjoy a morning filled with inspiration, insights, and breakfast at Snowflake Data for Breakfast, a...

Recorded Webinars
Data Leaders’ Top Security Trends for 2023

In Immuta’s 2023 Data Access & Security Trendbook, we shared predictions on the most important...

Live Events Mar 28, 2023
Data & Dunks in San Francisco: Join Immuta at the Warriors Game

Join Immuta to talk about your data initiatives and goals as the Golden State Warriors...

Live Events Mar 20, 2023
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Recorded Webinars
Powering Your Data Mesh with Snowflake and Immuta

  Data Mesh is an architectural and organizational paradigm shift for how companies work with...

Live Events Feb 23, 2023
Data & Dunks in Dallas: Join Immuta at the Mavericks Game

At Immuta, we know that maverick data users and use cases are spurring many organizations...

Live Events Feb 14, 2023

Recorded Webinars
How to Scale Snowflake Data Security with Immuta’s Automated Access Controls

The world’s leading organizations rely on the Snowflake Data Cloud to deliver leading edge analytics...

Live Events Jan 12, 2023
Data Innovation Summit APAC 2023!

Join Immuta at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit in Singapore.

Recorded Webinars
Yarik Chinskiy of JPMorgan Chase - Scaling Dynamic Policies at a Large Enterprise

Yarik Chinskiy, Chief Architect of JPMorgan Chase & Co., talks about how his company is...

Live Events Dec 13, 2022
Data + AI World Tour NYC

Join Immuta at the upcoming Data + AI World Tour stop in New York City....

Live Events Dec 12, 2022
DoDIIS Worldwide

Recorded Webinars
Modernize Financial Services Data Strategies with Data Governance

The financial services market changes from one minute to the next, new insights are derived...

Recorded Webinars
Unlock Your Data's Full Potential: Healthcare & Life Sciences Edition

One of the biggest modern developments in healthcare is being able to utilize data to...

Live Events Nov 30, 2022
Evanta New York CDO Executive Summit

Join us at the upcoming Evanta CDO Executive Summit in New York!

Live Events Nov 28, 2022
Immuta @ AWS re:Invent

Connect with us at AWS re:Invent this November!

Live Events Nov 28, 2022
New York City Technology Forum

Join Immuta at the upcoming New York City Technology Forum!

Live Events Nov 17, 2022
Holidata Celebration Event

Join Immuta, Snowflake, Alation, and Slalom November 17th for a holiday party at Minneapolis’ Earl...

Live Events
Immuta at Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour San Francisco

Live Events
Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour

Immuta is a proud sponsor of the Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour. We hope to...

Live Events Nov 7, 2022
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Join us at the upcoming Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Sydney, Australia! This event...

Live Events Nov 1, 2022
Immuta at Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour Toronto

Live Events Oct 18, 2022
CDO Exchange FSI

Live Events Oct 12, 2022
Join us at Urban Golf Smithfield

You’re invited to a partner networking event with Immuta and Ticksmith at Urban Golf Smithfield,...

Live Events Oct 3, 2022
Immuta at revAlation London

Live Events Sep 29, 2022
Data 2030 Summit

Data 2030 Summit is an annual round table event gathering the Data Management community in...

Live Events Sep 27, 2022

Join us at DataEngBytes in both Melbourne and Sydney!

Live Events Sep 21, 2022
The Data Securi-Tea Bus at Big Data London

After taking in some of what Big Data London has to offer, you’ll probably want...

Live Events Sep 21, 2022
Big Data London

Big Data LDN (London) is the UK’s leading free to attend data & analytics conference...

Virtual Events & Webinars
Data Security for Financial Services Demo

Protecting sensitive data is paramount for financial services institutions. How to effectively guarantee the security...

Virtual Events & Webinars
Taming the Data Dragon

Despite having more data at our fingertips than ever before, approaches to managing data security...

Recorded Webinars
See Immuta in Action

You invested in a leading cloud platform and have committed to migrating your data so...

Live Events Jun 13, 2022
Snowflake Summit

This year’s Snowflake Summit, The World of Data Collaboration, will reveal how organizations like yours...

How to Automate Data Access Controls for Cloud-Based Data Analytics in Financial Services and Insurance

The world of data and how it’s controlled is undergoing a sea change: businesses want...

Recorded Webinars
Unlock Your Data's Full Potential: Financial Services Edition

Data sharing and repurposing data assets are vital to financial services firms’ ability to deliver...

Recorded Webinars
Scaling Quantitative Research on Sensitive Data

WorldQuant Predictive is a data science company that leverages proven machine learning, AI, and quantitative...

Recorded Webinars
Data Mesh Governance Strategy with Starburst and Immuta

Data Mesh is a decentralized, distributed approach to optimize enterprise data management and help organizations...

Recorded Webinars
How to Design & Implement a GRC Framework for Enterprise Analytics

In today’s data rich world and the risks associated with it, it’s critical for organizations...

Recorded Webinars
Part 2 : How to Design & Implement a GRC Framework for Enterprise Analytics

In today’s data rich world and the risks associated with it, it’s critical for organizations...

Recorded Webinars
Understanding & Operationalizing Privacy by Design

Global interest in privacy has led to a recent explosion in privacy-centric legislation. Consequently, organizations...

Recorded Webinars
How to Overcome the Top Data Workflow Challenges

As the demand for data has grown, data workflows and processes have become increasingly complex....

Recorded Webinars
How To Automate Data Access Control Policies in Snowflake

Immuta’s native integration with Snowflake provides a scalable, automated way to author and evolve complex...

Recorded Webinars
DataOps and Cloud Data Ecosystems: Overcoming the 3 Biggest Hurdles

The cloud is changing the way we use data and at the same time, the way...

Streamline Data Sharing for National Security Missions
Recorded Webinars
How to Streamline Data Sharing for National Security Missions

Data sharing is among the most critical data capabilities within the Intelligence Community (IC) —...

Recorded Webinars
How to Scale Cloud-Based Analytics on Sensitive Data

Analytics on sensitive data is now a central driver of success for most organizations, and...

Recorded Webinars
How DataOps & Cloud Data Access are Forcing Data Teams to Evolve

Sensitive data use, cloud data platform adoption, and regulatory enforcement and evolution are converging faster...

Recorded Webinars
Best Practices for Building a Cloud Data Platform

If you want to see success from cloud-based analytics, you need to modernize your cloud...

Recorded Webinars
Data Scientist’s Guide to Preserving Privacy

As personal data becomes abundant, the risk of sensitive data being leaked or misappropriated has become much...

Recorded Webinars
Enhancing Data Privacy in Healthcare with Automated Data Access

For healthcare organizations, complying with HIPAA is non-negotiable. But HIPAA’s stringent provisions make it difficult...

Recorded Webinars
Case Study and Automation Strategies to Protect Sensitive Data

For data teams, migrating new workloads into Databricks – whether from Hadoop platforms, cloud compute...