Foolproof Your Unity Catalog Upgrade

Achieve a Streamlined, Secure, and Scalable Upgrade to Unity Catalog with Immuta

  • Sam Carroll Solutions Architect, Alliances - Immuta
  • Michael Okane Senior Specialist Solutions Architect - Databricks

Want to simplify the process of upgrading to Unity Catalog and maximize the value of your investment in Databricks? Look no further than the Immuta + Databricks Unity Catalog native integration. 

Register now to access our on-demand webinar and learn how Immuta + Databricks Unity Catalog can help your team:

  • Apply simple, scalable data access and governance policies that maintain authorized data use at scale across your data environment
  • De-risk the upgrade process through the identification of workload, scale, and capacity requirements and application of future-proof policy that can meet these needs
  • Ensure compliant data use through adherence to regulatory standards, comprehensive audit logging, and proactive activity monitoring capabilities