Immuta + Databricks Unity Catalog

Immuta is the first Data Security Platform to natively and fully integrate with Databricks Unity Catalog to secure workloads on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Immuta enables customers to secure their data at scale on Databricks so that joint customers can unlock more value from their data.

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Our Value

Scalable Security for Unity Catalog

Simplify operations

Manage 93x fewer data policies while also improving transparency

Improve data security

Granular security across hundreds of thousands of Databricks tables

Unlock data’s value

100x faster data access to data in Databricks – all with less risk

"If you consider the expression of complex data governance policies, you may have to create many permutations of grants in any given system to secure that data based on the business rules defined in the policy. Immuta gives you the ability to model these complex policy statements and apply them at scale powered by Unity Catalog."

Zeashan Pappa, Lead Product Specialist Databricks
Why Immuta?

Benefits of Immuta + Unity Catalog

Unity Catalog lays the foundation for data governance and security with a core set of capabilities and APIs. Immuta leverages those primitives to achieve the goal of abstracting the complexities of managing data security so that teams can collaborate more easily and Databricks can scale more easily across the organization.

Unity Catalog Only

  • Row filtering and column masking requires coding complex SQL functions
  • Policy authors must be technical
  • Managing changing policy requirements is challenging (editing SQL statements)
  • Limited data monitoring and risk remediation
  • No sensitive data discovery and classification
  • Complex to delegate policy ownership for data mesh
Unity Catalog + Immuta

  • Simple policy authoring
  • Policy authors can be non-technical
  • Manage complex policy rules with no code
  • Proactive data monitoring and risk remediation
  • Sensitive data discovery and dynamic classification
  • Empowers delegation of policy ownership for data mesh

Leverage Unity Catalog's foundational APIs

  • Utilize Unity Catalog APIs to monitor schema and user changes
  • Enrich user metadata by discovering and tagging sensitive data
  • Automatically infer additional information about data and tag it with external information
  • Leverage Unity Catalog lineage for tag propagation

Orchestrate complex policy logic for access control

  • Manage and enforce dynamic attribute-based access control policies
  • Reflect policies as native Unity Catalog controls, including grants, revokes, row-level security, and column masking
  • Grant access permission based on various attributes about data, users, and purpose
  • Scale policies with ease and flexibility

Add monitoring and risk remediation capabilities

  • Enable comprehensive data monitoring capabilities
  • Receive audit logs of user queries, policy enforcement, Spark plan, and backing storage
  • Manage policy version and change auditing
  • Generate compliance reports and user access summaries

How the Immuta + Unity Catalog Integration Works

Immuta delivers data security for the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, including Databricks clusters and Databricks SQL, through Unity Catalog. Unity Catalog lays the foundation for data governance and access control across Databricks workloads, and Immuta augments and scales those controls by separating policy from platform and enabling dynamic policy orchestration.

Better Together

As a company with over a million clients doing payroll for millions of people, ADP processes a large amount of data. Databricks helps us to manage that data and Immuta plays an important role in administering security and access control. As we look to innovate with new products and implement a multi-cloud strategy, we must treat the data properly – it must be governed.

Jack Berkowitz Chief Data Officer

Unity Catalog aims to provide unified search and governance for customers’ data, analytics, and AI initiatives, and Immuta’s data security platform continues to play a key role in meeting users’ compliance and privacy needs. Now, joint customers can leverage the latest Unity Catalog features through an even more simplified process of securing and governing data and AI assets across multiple clouds.

Roger Murff Vice President, Technology Partners

This strategic decision is enabling us to drive business innovation, improve data-driven decision making, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience, while mitigating risk and adhering to compliance and regulatory standards.

Vineeth Menon
Vineeth Menon Head of Data Lake Engineering

Databricks opens up many opportunities for self-service data analytics, data science, and enterprise reporting. Paired with Immuta, we can make all our data available to all types of business analysts, data scientists and data engineers.

Ajay Sahu
Ajay Sahu Director of Enterprise Data Management

Unity plus Immuta allows Immuta to focus on what they do best: management of the intent-based policies and scalable policy orchestration, things that Unity is not ever going to do.

Jonathan Keller
Jonathan Keller Sr. Director, Product Management

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