Immuta + Databricks

Immuta delivers native data security for the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, enabling data teams to secure and scale lakehouse access while accelerating and simplifying operations. With automated data discovery and classification, continuous monitoring, and threat detection, Databricks users can unlock more value from their data with Immuta.

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Our Value

Scalable Security for Databricks

Simplify operations

Manage 93x fewer data policies while also improving transparency.

Improve data security

Granular security across hundreds of thousands of Databricks tables.

Unlock data’s value

100x faster data access to data in Databricks – all with less risk.

Immuta’s automated and secure data policy engine is a key piece of this data governance puzzle, and we are thrilled to be joining forces to help in our effort of simplifying the process of securing and governing data and AI assets across multiple clouds.

Jonathan Keller, Vice President, Product Management Databricks
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How Immuta Works with Databricks

Immuta provides a Data Security Platform that integrates natively with Databricks to provide data security at scale. Immuta’s advanced capabilities provide the added layer of protection that makes it possible to scale up usage of Databricks with less risk.


Discover and Classify Sensitive Data

  • Centralize data policy management
  • Sync user information from your IAM
  • Register metadata about Databricks tables
  • Monitor for schema and user changes
  • Enrich and tag sensitive data like PII and PHI
  • Leverage Unity Catalog’s lineage capabilities for tag propagation

Secure Data with Dynamic Controls

  • Orchestrate data policies
  • Enforce attribute- and purpose-based access control
  • Apply multiple policies to each table
  • Write policies in plain language or as-code
  • Reduce policy complexity
  • Use privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)

Monitor Activity and Detect Threats

  • Receive timely insights into data access activity
  • Get anomaly indicators for faster analysis
  • Enable proactive risk remediation
  • Receive notifications and alerts
  • Generate audit reports to prove compliance
  • Easily manage policy version and change audit
Unity catalog

Native Integration with Unity Catalog

Databricks Unity Catalog provides a foundation to govern data across the Databricks landscape. Immuta integrates natively with Unity Catalog to supercharge data security on top of Databricks and provide fine-grained access controls at scale.

Immuta + Unity Catalog

Achieve a 93x Reduction* in Data Policies

Imagine an organization with over 200,000 tables in Databricks that hold some sensitive data including PII.

To secure that data without Immuta, you would need to inventory every table, its data, its policies, and the column types. Then, you have to write role-based policy functions for all 200,000+ tables. 

With Immuta, you can accomplish the same security objective with a single data policy.

The policy references the PII that Immuta automatically discovers. When activated, the policy will be propagated across all tables with PII by translating the policy logic into the Unity Catalog primitives.

*GigaOM research comparing Immuta versus other options


Immuta + Databricks Architecture

Immuta delivers data security for the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform through Unity Catalog. Unity Catalog lays the foundation for data governance and access control across Databricks workloads, and Immuta augments and scales those controls by separating policy from platform and enabling dynamic policy orchestration.

Use Cases

Unlocking Value with Immuta and Databricks

Immuta enables customers to maximize their investment in Databricks by simplifying operations, improving data security, and unlocking data's value.

Simplify Operations

For organizations looking to modernize their tech stacks with Databricks and reduce bottlenecks, Immuta provides easy, plain language policy authoring while enabling distributed data stewardship. Users are empowered to create and manage policies and implement dynamic attribute-based access controls, with no technical expertise required.

Improve Data Security

By separating policy from platform, Immuta allows for consistent policy enforcement across Databricks. As data rules and regulations rapidly increase, Immuta’s flexible access control approach allows users to create attribute- and purpose-based restrictions, simplifying security and compliance with regulatory requirements and making it easier to investigate incidents.

Unlock Data's Value

Immuta accelerates access to data by 100x, enabling Databricks users to be more productive. With Immuta, organizations can drive business innovation, improve data-driven decision making, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience – all with reduced risk.

Case studies

Joint Customers

“Databricks and Immuta open up many opportunities for self-service data analytics, data science, and enterprise reporting.”

Ajay Sahu
Ajay Sahu Director of Enterprise Data Management

"We looked at a number of options and Immuta came to the top for a number of reasons. One was the granularity of controls that we could have on the data across roles. At the time, nobody else was really able to accomplish that."

Kaj Pedersen Chief Technology Officer

"With Immuta, we’ve been able to streamline data science and engineering teamwork, dynamically adapt in real time, and accelerate productivity."

Halim Abbas
Halim Abbas Chief AI Officer

"This strategic decision is enabling us to drive business innovation, improve data-driven decision making, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience, while mitigating risk and adhering to compliance and regulatory standards."

Vineeth Menon
Vineeth Menon Head of Data Lake Engineering

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