Immuta + Databricks

Simplify and Automate Databricks Data Security

Immuta is the automated data access control platform, enabling data teams to manage who has access to what data at scale. Together with Databricks, Immuta helps data teams automate data access control and governance over sensitive data for BI and data science across Lakehouse architectures.

Immuta + Databricks Overview

For teams using Databricks to unify data security and privacy controls for data science and BI, Immuta delivers automated security and privacy controls that enable the safe analysis of sensitive data at scale. Immuta’s unique focus on collaboration between data and compliance teams enables organizations to do more with Databricks.


Benefits of this partnership

Scale Policy Management

Scale data policy management by automating security and privacy controls in sensitive environments.

Increase Agility Across Teams

Empower a wide range of policy stakeholders to manage data policies without the need for specialized engineering resources.

Easily Prove Compliant Data Use

Easily prove to critical stakeholders that an organization’s policies are implemented properly across all data use.

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Simplify and Automate Data Access Control