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Immuta and Databricks have formed a deep business partnership and integrated their market-leading analytics and data governance solutions to deliver the best unified analytics in the cloud plus native data governance and access control.

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Fine-grained, dynamic access control in Databricks

Immuta delivers ultra-fine-grained data access and control (row-, column- and cell-level) natively within the Databricks environment, eliminating the need to copy or manually anonymize data.


Compliant Apache
Spark-based analytics

Immuta’s automated policy enforcement ensures that Databricks users are always in compliance with regulations and business rules such as CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA and many others.


Built-in data catalog for self-service access

Immuta’s powerful, built-in data catalog lets Databricks analysts quickly connect to new data sources, subscribe to data and create new projects.


See it in Action!

See the native Immuta integration with Databricks first hand. This short video shows how Databricks users see only what they are allowed to see based on who they are and their approved purpose.


Immuta’s Automated Data Governance platform – now natively integrated with Databricks – enables organizations to perform data science faster and more securely by dynamically protecting and anonymizing data. Databricks customers can enforce fine-grained data access controls directly within Databricks’ Apache Spark™ unified analytics engine for Big Data and machine learning, and Delta Lake, its open-source storage layer for Big Data workloads.

Immuta and Databricks Architecture Graphic

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