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From global enterprises to small, innovative startups, companies worldwide leverage the powerful capabilities of Immuta to automate the governance of their sensitive data.

Featured Customer

“The ability for us to manage access controls, deploy privacy-enhancing technologies, and rapidly implement novel frameworks of governance for our research teams has been a breath of fresh air.”

Ryan Naughton
Founder, The Center for New Data

Leaders in Finance, Healthcare, Government, Technology, Manufacturing, and more trust Immuta to automate data governance.

Anurag Sehgal
Managing Director, 
Credit Suisse

“Immuta is quickly becoming a transformative technology in Credit Suisse’s modern data platform.”

"By incorporating Immuta’s automated governance and privacy capabilities, we have enhanced our overall strength and security of the platform."

Steve Petrevski

SVP and General Manager, Aon

"Immuta was by far the best solution here. It offered a number of different ways to format the mask and it also allowed you to do very, convenient things with global policies…"

Greg Galloway
data analytics architect, Artis Consulting

"With Immuta, we’ve been able to streamline data science and engineering teamwork, dynamically adapt in real time, and accelerate productivity."

Halim Abbas
Chief AI Officer, Cognoa

"Immuta is the go-to technology to implement our vision of an internal “Data & Analytics Marketplace”, enabling full transparency on the relevant data assets with secure and compliant data access."

Walid Mehanna
Head of Data & Analytics, Daimler

"What if all those organizations could just create those rules, save it and be able to know in an auditable way that those rules are being followed, which is where Immuta came in for us."

Josh Wilson
VP, Advanced Analytics, LMI

"Databricks gives us scale and speed, Immuta gives us trust and privacy."

Slava Frid
CTO, WorldQuant Predictive

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