Unlock Your Data's Full Potential: Financial Services Edition

Accelerate Secure Data Analytics

  • Richard Geering SVP Strategic Initiatives Group, Immuta
  • Matthew Glickman VP of Product Strategy - Financial Services, Snowflake

Data sharing and repurposing data assets are vital to financial services firms’ ability to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Still, many struggle with how to operationalize their data without putting it at risk. Why?

Broadening the scope of what can be done with data requires financial services data teams to assess the potential risks of doing so and to determine whether they’re able to implement the right controls to mitigate those risks. The strictly regulated nature of the financial services industry means the stakes are exceptionally high.

Join Immuta and Snowflake for a panel discussion where they will explore
  • How to strike the balance between repurposing data to open new business opportunities while maintaining compliance with industry and government regulations
  • What are the challenges in repurposing operational data for analytics purposes