How Merck is Adapting its Data Governance Strategy for the Era of AI & GxP Compliant Cloud Data Infrastructure

  • Alessandra De Almeida Executive Director, Data Management & Governance, Merck
  • Matt Carroll Co-Founder & CEO, Immuta

Watch CEO of Immuta, Matthew Carroll’s fireside chat with Alessandra De Almeida, Executive Director of Data Management & Governance at Merck, exploring Merck’s transformative data management journey. Merck generates vast volumes of data across various functions—including R&D, manufacturing, and commercial—but siloed data use made it difficult to access and leverage effectively. This limited their potential to derive meaningful insights and deliver lifesaving innovations.

Recognizing the need for a cohesive approach, Merck developed a data marketplace to converge its data infrastructure to centralize access, enabling efficient data use from a single point while ensuring GxP compliance. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Merck’s story, including:

  • How the company strategically transformed its data architecture to create a division-agnostic platform to find & access data in a one-stop approach.
  • The role of this marketplace in breaking down silos and enhancing the accessibility, availability, and utility of any data, in any cloud data infrastructure, needed across R&D, Manufacturing, and Commercial.
  • How Merck is transitioning its data governance from a historically siloed approach to a unified, scalable strategy through data mesh principles.
  • How Merck’s data governance teams are adapting to working in tandem with IT, its business lines, and security to deliver its marketplace.
  • The business impact of integrating Immuta to accelerate data accessibility and monitoring data use for GXP compliance.