DataOps and Cloud Data Ecosystems: Overcoming the 3 Biggest Hurdles

  • Sumit Sarkar Senior Director, Product Marketing, Immuta

The cloud is changing the way we use data and at the same time, the way we use data is changing the cloud. Organizations are adopting multiple cloud data platforms to maximize data’s value, but in doing so are often increasing complexity for data engineering and DataOps teams that may stifle the very reason for investing in those platforms.

Join Immuta and DBTA for a webinar where you’ll learn:

  • Why more than 50% of organizations are adopting two or more cloud data platforms and the challenges that architecture creates
  • The three biggest hurdles for DataOps teams managing cloud data platforms and how to overcome them
  • Why automating cloud data access control can grow permitted use cases on sensitive data by 400%
  • How automating fine-grained access controls and dynamic data masking enabled The Center for New Data’s response to Covid-19 and saved $1 million in the process