Immuta for Tech & Software Providers

In the tech and software industry, data is the lifeblood of innovation and digital transformation. Amid mounting cyber threats and legislation, these fast-paced companies rely on Immuta to protect sensitive information without sacrificing speed to access and analytics.

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How We Do It


Discover sensitive data from millions of fields without manual effort, and apply 60+ prebuilt classifiers alongside domain-specific and custom classifiers. Assess your sensitive data footprint by tagging information like PII and PHI, and allow teams to approve classification tags through workflows.

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Build data policies in plain language or as-code, and automatically enforce them in real time across teams and regions. Immuta's attribute-based access control (ABAC) delivers scalable data access without the challenges of role explosion. By federating governance, you can easily implement modern architectures like data mesh.

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Leverage timely insights into data access and user activity with anomaly indicators for faster analysis and risk remediation. Immuta enables data security posture management via an analysis engine with sensitivity level and risk profile indicators to safeguard and mitigate threats, in addition to notifications, alerts, and audit reports.

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Because we don’t have to worry about the problems Immuta is solving, we move a lot faster in trying to solve the problems that are inherent to large mountains of data sitting in one place.

Carter Cousineau VP of Data & Model (AI/ML) Governance & Ethics, Thomson Reuters

Data Security Solutions for the Tech & Software Industry

Product Development & Optimization

Customers expect tech and software companies to deliver a product that’s user-friendly and personalized. Securely collecting and analyzing customer data like in-app behavior and surveys allows companies to understand usage and improve the product, while preserving privacy.

Targeted Marketing & Advertising

In a screen-dominated world where attention spans are short, reaching the right audience is essential. Tech companies leveraging user and demographic data to segment and target buyers can leave an impression – but must ensure they’re doing so compliantly.

Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Tech is integrated into most parts of our everyday lives – so when something goes wrong, we notice. Tracking system performance and swiftly troubleshooting issues when they arise requires that the right people have real-time access to user data.


IaaS business models provide users with tailored, fine-grained analysis, visualizations, and recommendations that can inform decision making. Deriving these insights from a range of data sources is easier and more secure when access policies are dynamically enforced.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML are increasingly common in daily life, powering everything from facial recognition to predictive modeling. Training models and developing algorithms require large data sets, and tech companies must ensure the data within them is utilized securely and compliantly.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data-driven decision making is now a given for most organizations. Tech companies that enable BI and analytics leverage vast amounts of proprietary – and therefore sensitive – data to populate dashboards, predict outcomes, and uncover trends that drive decision making.

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