Modernize Your Healthcare Data Strategy with Secure and Compliant Data Mesh

How Snowflake & Immuta Create Your Data Mesh Foundation

  • Murali Gandhirajan Healthcare Field CTO, Snowflake
  • Steve Touw Co-Founder & CTO, Immuta

One of the most significant developments in modern healthcare is the ability to power every decision with data, from how to treat patients to which antigens should go into a vaccine. Ultimately, innovation relies on a data strategy that balances data security and compliance with data access. But, the strictly regulated nature of the healthcare and life sciences industry means the stakes are exceptionally high for those looking to operationalize their data.

With more organizations looking to leverage data for innovation, data mesh continues to grow in popularity due to the agility and scalability it provides. Data mesh is an architectural and organizational paradigm shift for how companies work with and share data.

Join Immuta and Snowflake to learn how you can build a modern data security strategy with data mesh to meet your healthcare and life sciences goals. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How to operationalize a true data mesh by addressing its four key pillars
  • Why establishing centralized standards, federated governance, and frameworks allows for maximum flexibility with data
  • How Immuta and Snowflake work together to securely democratize access to health data with a live demo