Implementing Best Practices for Data Security on the Modern Cloud

How Databricks & Immuta address common challenges of data-driven organizations

  • Pavithra Rao Solutions Architect, Databricks
  • Chris Brown Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector, Immuta
  • James Kobielus Senior Research Director, Data Management, TDWI

Enterprise data is growing ever more diverse, dynamic, and distributed across cloud-native computing platforms. However, as organizations invest in modern cloud data platforms, they face a major challenge balancing the need to secure their data with also providing fast, scalable access to internal and external users.

Data security and access policies should be scalable to execute and enforce across complex modern cloud ecosystems, easy to author and administer within enterprise governance practices, and straightforward to audit and verify for compliance purposes. Effective data security helps organizations unlock value from their data by providing improved discovery of sensitive data, more flexible authoring and administration of security and data policies, and more proactive monitoring of security-relevant events and issues.

Join TDWI’s senior research director James Kobielus, along with invited guests from Databricks and Immuta, on this webinar to explore best practices for securing data access in the modern cloud. After opening presentations, Kobielus will engage the panelists in a discussion.