How to Streamline Data Sharing for National Security Missions

  • Matthew Carroll Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Justin Borgman
    Justin Borgman CEO, Starburst

Data sharing is among the most critical data capabilities within the Intelligence Community (IC) — the inability to securely share data across agencies could hinder coordinated analysis and risk response. Yet, as the IC modernizes its data environments, traditional systems and processes could threaten efficient, secure data sharing.

Join Starburst and Immuta for a webinar and demo where you’ll learn:

  • Why the movement toward diverse cloud data ecosystems and data sources is necessitating a new approach to data access and control
  • The most significant barriers to IC cloud adoption and how to overcome them
  • How Starburst and Immuta empower IC data teams to federate across cloud data platforms to optimize efficiency and maximize data’s value