We spent over a decade working in the U.S. Intelligence community, tackling the most complex and sensitive data problems in the world. Along the way, we experienced the successes, frustrations, and incredible power of data science. Our mission with Immuta is to make the lives of data scientists easier so that they can do what they do best: uncover big opportunities that make an impact in the world.

Matthew Carroll
Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder
Steve Touw
Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Founder
Michael Schiller
Chief Architect
& Co-Founder
Sapan Shah
Lead Developer
& Co-Founder
Andrew Burt
Chief Privacy Officer
& Legal Engineer
Barry Hammen
Director of Engineering
Adam Yohrling
Director of Site Reliability
Kyle Lilly
Senior Engineer
Eric Perry
Senior Engineer
Jeff Hastings
Senior Engineer
Cathy Holmes
Lead Testing Engineer
Michael Howard
Lead Creative

Want to join our small but mighty team in Washington D.C.? Send your resume to careers@immuta.com, and tell us about the impact you want to make here.