Automate governance.

Immuta gives you granular, dynamic control of who accesses your data and why — without copying data or writing a single line of code. The result is instant data self-service with powerful security and oversight.

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What is Immuta?

The modern way to share — and govern — your data.

Businesses today face an enormous new challenge: how to share and use their data without violating regulations or privacy. Immuta was designed to solve this problem.

How Immuta Works

Four steps to automated data governance.

Is it possible to simultaneously share and govern all your data – in real-time – without making copies? Yes, it is. Watch how, in four simple steps.

What are Immuta Customers Saying?

“The democratization of being able to quickly connect these [analytic] tools to the data sources – regardless of where they sit in the organization – is a huge deal.”



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Immuta in Action