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Accelerate machine intelligence.

Machine learning is advancing at full tilt, but approaches to managing data have held it back, failing the promise of the algorithm-driven enterprise. Until now. With Immuta, you make your data discoverable without physically moving or copying it. Data scientists can connect any tool directly to Immuta, and governance professionals can write condition-based policies that are dynamically applied to the data. The result? Better, more accurate models deployed faster, with greater durability, less business risk, and more powerful insights.

Data Scientists

Get fast, personalized
access to data.

Immuta empowers you with quick, personalized access to data to accelerate and simplify every aspect of your analysis workflow. Through Immuta, data scientists can work together in a unified data environment to quickly access and collaborate on siloed datasets with individual entitlements enforced and all actions audited.

Immuta for Data Scientists

Data Owners

Securely connect, manage, and monitor your data.

Immuta’s integrated Data Control Plane™ provides a single, simplified interface to manage and monitor data for enterprise analytics. Our platform lets you connect data from any storage system into a simplified virtual catalogue, giving users rapid, self-service access to data, without ever losing control or insight into how the data is used.

Immuta for Data Owners

Governance Managers

Control your data environment.

Immuta simplifies the construction and enforcement of complex data policies through simple-to-build rules, allowing you to control and monitor data as it’s accessed, view the policies at work across your data environment, and ensure that compliance requirements are met.

Immuta for Governance

“To succeed in the data-driven economy, you have to get new machine-learning projects up and running quickly. Immuta lets you do it.”


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