Snowflake Names Immuta 2024 Data Cloud Product Data Security Partner of the Year

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One platform to govern and secure all your cloud and AI data.

Immuta unifies security and compliance at enterprise scale, providing peace of mind for Snowflake users by delivering end-to-end data protection enforced natively through Snowflake. It’s smart data security, built for the AI era.

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Immuta + Snowflake Trusted By

Native integration with
Snowflake Cortex

Take control of AI security at the data layer. Introducing multi-layered data governance and security for RAG-based AI applications across multiple cloud data and storage platforms, including Snowflake Cortex and Arctic.

De-risking Snowflake data since 2018

De-risking Snowflake data since 2018

Together, Immuta and Snowflake help enterprises secure and de-risk their data, so they can accelerate data usage and drive business without delaying innovation.

Customer Story
Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters leveraged the Immuta's Data Security Platform with Snowflake to enhance data security, automate data access, and improve operational efficiency, resulting in increased data usage and streamlined data governance.

Immuta & Snowflake Horizon

Discover how Immuta's seamless integration with Snowflake Horizon enhances data governance and security, transforming your organization's data management strategy.

Customer Story

Learn how is using the Immuta Snowflake and Amazon S3 integrations to manage access controls across Snowflake- and AWS-native services, allowing them to confidently enforce consistent access controls and de-risk data across both security models.

Immuta is Snowflake’s Data Security Partner of the Year

For the second year in a row, Immuta has been recognized as Snowflake’s Data Security Partner of the Year.


Snowflake Data Cloud Product

Data Security Partner
of the Year 2023 & 2024

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In 30 minutes, you’ll see how Immuta will help you:

  • Connect natively to cloud data sources and converge metadata.
  • Control data access through simplified and granular policy authoring and enforcement.
  • Comply with regulatory and legal requirements through continuous monitoring of data queries.

You’ll also learn about our new data security solution for RAG-based AI applications:

  • Extend your cloud data policies to RAG models across multiple platforms.
  • Dynamically enforce policies at the data layer.
  • Get a single-view of AI application data access across all platforms.

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