Snowflake Names Immuta 2024 Data Cloud Product Data Security Partner of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Immuta has been named Snowflake’s Data Cloud Product Data Security Partner of the Year for the second year in a row. This recognition is deeper than the technical aspects of our product integration – it highlights our shared commitment to de-risking our customers’ data and delivering value in the Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

As the Data Cloud Product Data Security Partner of the Year award winner, we recognize the trust and reliance that Snowflake customers put into the Immuta Data Security Platform – that’s what motivates us to optimize their experience, year after year. And our focus on strengthening data security across the Snowflake AI Data Cloud continues to expand. This past year, Immuta was added to the Snowflake Horizon Partner Ecosystem and the Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud. But that is just the beginning of our forward momentum.

Extending Security for Snowflake Horizon

Since 2018, Immuta’s integration with Snowflake has been centered on our shared ability to deliver a secure data and analytics framework that scales with our customers’ growing and evolving needs. I am immensely proud of the role our technology and our people play within the Snowflake AI Data Cloud. This is especially true now, as we deepen our integration through the Snowflake Horizon Partner Ecosystem.

Snowflake Horizon provides customers with a built-in governance solution for the AI Data Cloud that encompasses compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities. Immuta expands on those capabilities with features like automated sensitive data discovery, fine-grained access control, and always-on data monitoring and auditing – all of which can be extended across any platform in customers’ ecosystems.

The benefits for joint customers are clear: They are better equipped to control AI initiatives, accelerate innovation, create new revenue streams, and facilitate collaboration across the data economy. Immuta’s partnership with Snowflake allows us to offer solutions that are robust and versatile, catering to the needs of any enterprise – regardless of size or system complexity.

Our goal is to ensure that every organization we serve can operate confidently and efficiently, unlocking the full potential of their data to drive business growth and success.

Driving Results at Enterprise Scale

The key to success in our partnership with Snowflake is a shared vision of enabling powerful data workloads without compromising security or performance. In working with major enterprises like Roche, Thomson Reuters, and, we’ve seen first hand that de-risking data doesn’t close doors – instead, it opens them.

For Roche Diagnostics, Immuta and Snowflake drove efficiency and tangible outcomes by enabling a secure data mesh. As Roche shifted to a data mesh architecture, Immuta natively protected Snowflake data at the domain level, allowing users to build and operationalize more than 200 new data products. These data products improved inventory and supply chain logistics, saving Roche $50M and earning them the IDC Future Enterprise Best in Future of Intelligence Award.

The integration we’ve developed alongside Snowflake is designed to not just meet the current demands of data protection, but to anticipate emerging trends and threats. As more organizations embrace AI, decentralize data architectures, and build data marketplaces, Immuta and Snowflake provide a joint solution that allows them to innovate at scale, regardless of their unique goals. is an excellent example of a global enterprise leveraging Immuta and Snowflake to unlock next-gen use cases. As a leader in travel and hospitality,’s highly technical team needs a way to deliver personalized recommendations and experiences to its 120M active subscribers. To accomplish objectives like operationalizing a proprietary chatbot, they needed to enable secure access to structured and unstructured data across Snowflake and Amazon S3. Immuta centralized policy management and enforcement, opening up new opportunities for innovation and business growth.

Looking Forward: The Next Phase of Immuta + Snowflake

The future for Immuta and Snowflake is bright and filled with potential. We’ve set the stage to advance our partnership, with a special focus on innovating in new and evolving fields, particularly AI-driven analytics, healthcare and life sciences, and financial services. These efforts will further enable our joint customers to harness their data securely and effectively, driving innovative business solutions and tangible results.

To quote my colleague Tyler Prince, SVP of Worldwide Alliances and Channels at Snowflake, “Immuta’s recognition as Snowflake’s Data Security Partner of the Year is a testament to the value they deliver to the Data Cloud ecosystem, and our shared mission of empowering organizations to unlock their data for business value. We look forward to continuing to build our partnership with Immuta and are focused on the next generation of innovation.”

Our second consecutive recognition as the Data Cloud Product Data Security Partner of the Year is more than an award — it is a call to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when data is secure and accessible. At Immuta, we remain dedicated to this mission and to working with Snowflake to de-risk data in order to maximize impact.

Learn more about Immuta and Snowflake here.

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