Enterprise AI requires a new standard for enterprise data controls.

Meet the new standard. Immuta now extends native data controls to RAG-based AI applications. With a unified control plane, you can apply policy, monitor activity, and deliver unified auditing of sensitive data across your enterprise.

It’s a new (AI) world.
Are you ready for it?

You’ve invested in
cloud data infrastructure.
And now everyone wants to
build AI applications on
top of it.
Option 1
Build your own foundational

Needs time, expertise,
and a big budget.

Option 2
Fine-tune commercial

Inserting sensitive data into the
model increases risk and reduces visibility and control.

Option 3
Use RAG to customize and improve LLM output

Maintain control over
enterprise data using existing policies,
monitoring, and audit.

Enterprise AI applications are built using RAG.

Immuta enables organizations to scale the production of RAG-based AI applications by managing risk and maintaining compliance with a unified control plane for data discovery, policy, monitoring, and audit.

One platform to govern and secure
all your cloud data for AI

Get everything you need instantly

Rapidly onboard RAG indexes and storage platforms

View RAG indexes as an additional data source on the Immuta platform

Organize data effortlessly

Define topic-based classifications of row-level data

Manage converged metadata

Implement a multi-platform control plane

Define access controls at the data layer.

Enforce prompt time policies.

Implement domain-specific RAG policies for distinct user groups.

Leverage multi-platform RAG support with native integrations for Snowflake and Databricks.

Get proactive insights into data usage

Monitor data access queries in real time.

Get proactive alerts to identify issues before they become problems.

Easily meet compliance mandates

Get a single, unified view of AI application data access across all supported platforms

Generate multi-platform audit reports to prove compliance

Why Immuta for AI

Decentralize and re-use policies

Use governance policies and audit capabilities that you’ve already implemented in your platforms. Then look beyond the prompt layer to easily put data security policies in place for multiple RAG models and extend them uniformly across all apps.

Support multiple platforms

Govern and control data wherever you’re building AI applications – across all your cloud platforms – with native support for their RAG infrastructure.

Free app developers from audit

Eliminate the burden of complex auditing that slows down your business. You no longer have to depend on IT to ensure compliance. Immuta provides a comprehensive, unified view of compliance across all data layers and across all platforms.

Build better business apps for AI

Open up the opportunities for AI innovation without risk. Get your auditing and monitoring in one place without a new build – and free up your teams to create amazing new applications.

Immuta for AI data — integration in action.

Booking.com keeps 120+M active subscribers traveling with an AI-driven recommendation engine that uses a single source of policy for their data. With Immuta integrated with Amazon S3, Booking.com was able to centralize management and enforce policies across all their data — with no manual effort needed.