Smart data security for Databricks Data + AI

Immuta unifies security and compliance at enterprise scale, enabling you to safely accelerate data projects—whether that’s AI, Data Analytics, or Data Marketplaces—and make the most of your Databricks investment. It’s smart data security, built for the AI era.

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Take Control of AI Security at the Data Layer

Immuta now extends native data controls to RAG-based AI applications, including Databricks DBRX. With a unified control plane, you can apply policy, monitor activity, and deliver unified auditing of sensitive data across your enterprise.

De-Risking Enterprise Data

De-Risking Enterprise Data

Immuta delivers native data security for the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, enabling data teams to secure and scale lakehouse access while accelerating and simplifying operations.

Native Integration with Unity Catalog

Immuta natively integrates with Unity Catalog to dynamically enforce a unified governance model across the entire data ecosystem. Immuta streamlines access and security management by allowing users to quickly discover sensitive data, apply policy, and audit user interaction with data in Databricks, making Unity Catalog’s controls more accessible, scalable, and repeatable.

Customer Story
Swedbank Unlocks Data Analytics for Financial Services with Immuta & Databricks

Learn how Swedbank, one of the largest banking groups in Sweden, leveraged Immuta and Databricks to migrate to the cloud, enhance data security, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Enhancing Databricks Unity Catalog for Evolving Data & AI Governance

Discover how Immuta enhances Databricks Unity Catalog for advanced data and AI governance.

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In 30 minutes, you’ll see how Immuta will help you:

  • Connect natively to cloud data sources and converge metadata.
  • Control data access through simplified and granular policy authoring and enforcement.
  • Comply with regulatory and legal requirements through continuous monitoring of data queries.

You’ll also learn about our new data security solution for RAG-based AI applications:

  • Extend your cloud data policies to RAG models across multiple platforms.
  • Dynamically enforce policies at the data layer.
  • Get a single-view of AI application data access across all platforms.

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