Beyond Compute Layers: Simplifying Data Security with Amazon S3 and Immuta

  • Zachary Friedman Director, Product Management, Immuta
  • Luca Falsina Principal Software Engineer,
  • Huey Han Senior Product Manager, AWS

In the evolving landscape of data analytics and AI, the ability to access both structured and unstructured data directly from the storage layer is an increasingly common – and necessary – approach. But protecting this data without creating policy bloat on storage or delaying speed to data is a challenge.

Immuta’s native integration with Amazon S3 aims to simplify data security not just at the compute layer, but also at the storage layer, eliminating the need for manual management. In this on-demand webinar, join Immuta Director of Product Management Zachary Friedman and special guests Luca Falsina, Principal Software Engineer at, and Huey Han, Senior Product Manager at AWS, for an immersive discussion about how this new integration enables enterprises to simplify data security. We explore:

  • How the integration works, providing insights about how to simplify data security in complex data lake environments.
  • How to grant automatic, self-service access to data, ensuring scalability and security even as demands grow.
  • How is leveraging Immuta, S3, and Snowflake to build and scale access control policies within a centralized data lake allowing data consumers to safely access and analyze data.