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Explore our Snowflake Summit Learning Hub with curated resources around popular topics we heard throughout the Summit. Interested in how The Immuta Data Security Platform provides peace of mind for Snowflake users? Visit our partner page to learn how customers easily scale Snowflake data security.

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On-Demand Webinar
Powering Your Data Mesh with Snowflake and Immuta

Matthias Nicola Field CTO, Snowflake
Steve Touw Co-Founder & CTO, Immuta
Case Study
Thomson Reuters Secures Snowflake Data and Boosts Productivity

Learn how Thomson Reuters leveraged the Immuta Data Security Platform, integrated with Snowflake’s security architecture, to rapidly and safely deploy new data workloads in the cloud.

The Snowflake Data Security Guide

Learn how Immuta expands on Snowflake's native access controls to eliminate manual efforts, scale Snowflake data policy enforcement, and enable secure data collaboration.

How Roche Securely Manages Data Access at Scale with Data Mesh

Paul Rankin Head of Data Management Platforms, Roche
Powering Your Data Mesh with Snowflake & Immuta

Learn about the four key components of data mesh and how to manage them when rolling out a data mesh architecture, and see how Snowflake's self-service platform capabilities combined with Immuta simplify decentralized access and security.

On-Demand Webinar
How to Scale Snowflake Data Security with Immuta’s Automated Access Controls

Sam Carroll Solutions Architect, Alliances, Immuta
How Immuta & Snowflake Unlock Zero Trust Data Security for Government & Education

In this blog, we’ll dive into the Government and Education Data Cloud and get a better understanding of how Immuta’s integration helps Snowflake data teams that are implementing zero trust protect their most sensitive data, while unlocking its full value.

How Snowflake & Immuta Power Healthcare Data Sharing & Analytics

In this blog, we’ll explore a real world example of how Immuta’s integration with Snowflake strengthens healthcare data security.

An Introduction to Data Security Solutions

Data use is essential for modern organizations, as it provides valuable insights for informed decision-making. However, the increasing threats to data and regulations governing its use make data security equally crucial. Read this guide for an overview of the ever-changing landscape of data security solutions.

Product Tour

Take a Product Tour of Snowflake & Immuta

Learn how Snowflake & Immuta customers can discover sensitive data, secure it with dynamic, attribute-based policies, and detect risky user behavior.

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The Immuta Data Security Platform provides data discovery, security, and detection designed to work natively with Snowflake. Immuta integrates with Snowflake with or without Snowflake Governance Features. Book a demo to see Immuta and Snowflake in action.

Securing Success: Immuta is Snowflake’s 2023 Data Security Partner of the Year

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