Zero Trust at Scale: Securing Federal Data

Providing Secure Data Access and Accelerated AI/ML Delivery for the Public Sector

  • Marjorie Willner, Ph. D. Data Science Manager, Accenture Federal Services
  • Chris Brown Public Sector CTO, Immuta
  • Eric Popowich Senior Solutions Architect, Databricks

Ensuring the security of sensitive data is critical for all federal agencies. The EO on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity and OMB memorandum outline the value of a Zero Trust Architecture, where data is protected at every level of access. 

Accenture Federal Services built Zero Trust at Scale with Immuta on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to ensure federal teams can safely and securely protect their most sensitive data seamlessly across platforms, while still realizing the full potential of self-service analytics. 

Join Immuta, Databricks and Accenture Federal Services online for a panel exploring solutions for data security challenges and topical government use cases.

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  • The benefits of shifting from traditional role based access control to fine grain attribute-based control 
  • Use cases for data privacy and security, specific to the Federal government
  • Accenture's Zero Trust at Scale platform