Powering Your Data Mesh with Snowflake and Immuta

  • Matthias Nicola Field CTO, Snowflake
  • Steve Touw Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Immuta


Data Mesh is an architectural and organizational paradigm shift for how companies work with and share data. As organizations look to make the most of their data, Data Mesh continues to grow in popularity with the organizational agility it is able to provide.

No matter where you are in your Data Mesh journey, hear from Matthias Nicola – Field CTO from Snowflake and Steve Touw – CTO from Immuta in a session focused on the technological changes needed for a successful Data Mesh. They address common pain points organizations experience when making the shift and help the audience gain an understanding of the characteristics of a successful Data Mesh implementation.

This session covers
  • How to accomplish an effective data mesh by addressing the four key pillars
  • Centralization for Decentralization: putting in place centralized standards, federated governance, and frameworks to allow for maximum flexibility with data
  • A live demo that shows how Immuta & Snowflake work together to truly democratize data