Modernize Financial Services Data Strategies with Data Governance

Building a Data Culture for Modern Financial Services

  • Richard Geering SVP Strategic Initiatives Group, Immuta
  • Antoine Amend Senior Technical Director - Financial Services, Databricks

The financial services market changes from one minute to the next, new insights are derived as fast as data can move. And over the past decade, that speed has accelerated as banks collect more customer data, making risk governance more complex.

Like any business, financial institutions need to be able to operationalize their data in order to innovate – but when sensitive personal information is involved, legal and ethical questions arise. How can you build a data culture and strategy that will unlock your data’s full potential?

Richard Geering, SVP of Strategic Initiatives at Immuta, and Antoine Amend, Senior Technical Director of Financial Services at Databricks, will lead a fireside chat covering topics including:

  • Why data sharing in financial services is becoming more complicated as consumer expectations and regulatory requirements grow
  • What it means to have a strong data culture, and why it’s a key driver of a data strategy
  • How to integrate and execute on purposeful data strategies faster and more securely with Immuta and Databricks

Speaker Bios

Richard Geering, SVP Strategic Initiatives Group, Immuta

Richard has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, which includes establishing his own quantitative trading business. Richard’s expertise is in financial markets products and risk management, with particular emphasis on automated trading systems and quantitative analytics. Before joining Immuta as Vice President of Financial Services & Insurance, he was the Chief Operational Risk Officer for a global bank’s treasury and asset services business.


Antoine Amend, Senior Technical Director – Financial Services, Databricks

Antoine Amend is a data practitioner passionate about distributed computing and advanced analytics. Graduated with a master degree in computational astrophysics, author of “Mastering Spark for data science”, Antoine has been pushing both engineering and science disciplines side by side to extract commercial value from large datasets. More recently, Antoine served as Director of Data Science at Barclays UK, leading their AI practice and driving Barclays through their data and analytics transformation.