Accelerating Innovation: Data Modernization & Security Strategies for Financial Services

  • Peter Williams Global Head of Financial Services Partner Technology, AWS
  • Scott Peachey Director, Data Governance and Oversight, Bread Financial
  • Richard Geering
    Richard Geering CDAO, Immuta [Moderator]

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, staying competitive hinges on building an effective data modernization strategy that de-risks data in order to unlock new value and innovation. But managing rapidly expanding volumes of data, users, and assets, while converging data within cloud environments and meeting compliance requirements, all while keeping up with the speed of markets, can be a daunting challenge.

In this on-demand webinar, industry leaders from Immuta, AWS, and Bread Financial discuss the intricacies of data modernization, focusing on its practical implications for financial institutions. In this webinar, you will gain actionable insights into key areas such as:

  • What to consider when integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications into modern workflows
  • How the adoption of hybrid cloud architectures impacts organizational processes, and best practices for change management
  • Why de-risking data and standardizing secure data sharing practices from the start will accelerate new opportunities for long term success