How To Automate Data Access Control Policies in Snowflake

  • Nassir Khan
    Nassir Khan Director of Product Marketing
  • Zachary Friedman Senior Technical Product Manager

Immuta’s native integration with Snowflake provides a scalable, automated way to author and evolve complex data access control policies. In our latest release, we have enhanced the integration, allowing you to deploy Snowflake’s row access and column masking policies, as well as leverage object tagging, while benefiting from Immuta’s universal cloud policy authoring and highly scalable and evolvable attribute-based access controls.

Check out this webinar to see Immuta’s native Snowflake integration on-demand. We’ll show you the full integration and will also highlight new features like:

  • Policy Scalability: How Immuta’s automated policies dynamically inject user attributes at policy invocation.
  • Plain English Policies: How you can write policies in plain English, making collaboration with data governance teams easier.
  • Policy Auditing and Versioning: How Immuta’s policy management allows Snowflake data teams to easily prove compliant data use and investigate incidents.

We’ll also give you a look into other key features in our latest release, including user impersonation and customized sensitive data discovery.

Immuta’s automated, integrated approach to data access control brings fine-grained data security to Snowflake customers who deal with large amounts of sensitive data. Snowflake is helping customers mobilize their data and Immuta can help our customers ensure confidence that their most sensitive data is protected.