Understanding & Operationalizing Privacy by Design

  • Alfred Rossi Research Scientist
  • Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon Senior Privacy Counsel & Legal Engineer

Global interest in privacy has led to a recent explosion in privacy-centric compliance laws and regulations. This has put organizations of every size, region, and industry in the difficult position of having to implement and maintain compliance with a host of complex regulations rife with peculiarities.

That’s where Privacy by Design can help.

What is Privacy by Design?

Privacy by Design (PbD), and its EU version, Data Protection by Design, aim to implement the strictest acceptable privacy controls from the outset, by embedding them into the frameworks and architectures on which data ecosystems are built. As such, PbD can be an effective starting-point for de-facto “common denominator” policies that are often compatible with a large number of privacy frameworks.

Although this approach to protecting sensitive data throughout its lifecycle is proactive and strategic, Privacy by Design receives scant attention. One reason for this is the broad availability of rich technical information that can make non-expert evaluation difficult, but another may be a lack of familiarity with how to create a data governance framework – or accountability for ensuring it meets strict standards.

This recorded webinar unpacks Privacy by Design, explains why it’s central to data compliance regulations, such as the EU’s GDPR, and illustrates how it can be easily operationalized to improve cloud infrastructure security.