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Our Unique Approach to Data Security

Data is the lifeblood of every organisation, but security concerns are too often a hindrance to getting its full value. In our survey of 600 data experts, 97% said data security was a challenge, and 89% said they had missed a business opportunity as a result. We want to change that. We think data security should be an enabler – not a blocker – to achieving business outcomes. Our mission is to unlock your data by safely opening up access and making it simple to secure and govern your data at scale. The result? You can truly get the full value out of your cloud data investment.

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In this 7-minute video, Immuta's Chief Technology Officer, Steve Touw, and Chief Product Officer, Mo Plassnig, show you how Immuta's Discover, Secure, and Detect features work using a real data security scenario.

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Unlock your data's value with integrated data security

Request a live demo to start transforming the way you secure your sensitive data. During this briefing, you’ll learn how to: Get fine-grained access control to unlock your data for analysis and innovation. Learn how to manage your sensitive data with a simple process: discover, secure, and detect. Understand how Immuta natively integrates with cloud platforms such as Databricks, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and others, and streamlines your time to value. Harness the power of BI, analytics, and data science – while automating data security and access control.

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