Taming the Data Dragon

Why Managing Access Is Critical for the Future of Data Use

  • John Cordo Principal, NightDragon
  • Dave DeWalt Founder, NightDragon
  • Matt Carroll CEO & Co-Founder
  • Mike Holmberg Data Privacy Tech Leader, HP

Despite having more data at our fingertips than ever before, approaches to managing data security are often outpaced by the demand to use it. The ability to efficiently provide access to data when it’s needed is often at odds with the need to ensure that its privacy and security are not compromised. Ultimately, unless the data dragon can be tamed, organizations will be forced to choose between keeping data secure and deriving value from it.

Watch Dave DeWalt, Founder and Managing Director of NightDragon, John Cordo, Principal at NightDragon, Mike Holmberg, Data Privacy Tech Leader at HP and Matt Carroll, Founder and CEO of Immuta, and their discussion about:

  • What’s contributing to the explosion of data products and platform complexity in today’s data ecosystems
  • Why legacy solutions can no longer support the needs of modern data-driven organizations
  • How to build a data stack that enables scalability, security, and utility, so businesses can unlock more value from their data