Exploring Top Data Security Trends for 2024

  • Karen Meppen Director, Client Services, Hakkoda
  • Seth Youssef
    Seth Youssef Security Field CTO, Snowflake
  • Kaj Pedersen CTO, AstrumU
  • Claude Zwicker Senior Product Manager, Immuta

One of the most exciting aspects of our data-driven world is its dynamic nature. Data is subject to the constant generation, innovation, iteration, and the expansion of new ideas from experts and newcomers alike.

In our 2024 Data Security Trendbook, our peers from leading companies across industries shared their insights around how trends like AI, distributed data architectures, and reprioritized resource allocation may impact data use in the coming year. What might these trends mean for the future of secure, business-driving data, and the people who use it?

During the on-demand roundtable, our panelists discuss:

  • How the growing adoption of distributed architectures like data mesh and data fabric will impact data use across industries
  • Both the immediate and long term effects of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) tools on data use
  • How today’s leading organizations are reprioritizing resources and budgets to revitalize data access and security