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Automate Access & Privacy Controls Across Cloud Data Platforms

As data teams modernize their data stacks for the cloud, it’s becoming much more difficult to control enterprise-wide access to data across multiple cloud data platforms. Each platform has its own native access controls, which creates a challenging architecture for managing data security and multiplies the risk, cost, and maintenance with each platform added. Immuta is the modern data access and control solution for cloud data ecosystems, enabling data teams to accelerate data delivery, simplify administration, reduce risk, and safely unlock more data.

Common Data Access Control Scenarios:

  • Enable Local and Regional Data Segmentation
  • Access Data Across Multiple Cloud Platforms
  • Centralize Data Policy Management
Centralized Data Access Governance

Using Immuta’s plain language policy builder, data teams can centralize and automatically enforce data access and security policies across multiple cloud data platforms through modern, fine-grained, attribute-based access controls (ABAC).

Cloud Data Discovery and Classification

With Immuta’s sensitive data discovery, data teams can auto-detect sensitive data and generate standard classification and tagging across multiple cloud data platforms to deliver consistent policy enforcement for all data consumers – from BI analysts to data scientists.

Consistent Data Privacy Controls

Immuta’s powerful data masking and anonymization capabilities help teams scale data access protection with techniques that are backed by math and centrally enforced across cloud data platforms, without copying or moving data.

Unified Data Access Audit Logs

Immuta monitors and logs data access across your cloud data ecosystem. Track requests and access to data, policy changes, how data is being used, and more – all from a centralized policy tier.

By incorporating Immuta’s automated governance and privacy capabilities, we have enhanced our overall strength and security of the platform. We look forward to continued innovation from Immuta to help Aon with our data and analytics initiatives.

Steve Touw Steve Petrevski SVP & General Manager, Data & Analytics Services at AON

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