Data Security & Access Control 101

Data access control regulates and restricts the access, permissions, and privileges granted to users or systems, ensuring only authorized individuals can see and use specific data sets. It is a key component of data security, and is critical for data protection and compliance.

So, why does something so straightforward often seem so complicated?

Data science and data security programs are inherently at odds. Data scientists need access to as much data as possible, as quickly as possible; data security and governance teams, on the other hand, must be able to ensure that only the right people are accessing the right data for the right purposes. Organizations are caught in the middle, with a responsibility to satisfy both needs. The question is – how?

In this white paper, you’ll get a primer on data access control 101, including:

  • Where data access control fits in the data security landscape
  • Why passive access control models are no longer efficient or effective as cloud platform adoption accelerates
  • The five pillars of a modern automated data access control model
  • How organizations across industries are successfully meeting their data security and analysis needs by automating access controls