GigaOm Report: The Advantage of ABAC Over RBAC

When it comes to data policies, less is more. Static role-based access controls that require new policies for each and every change within the data environment leave teams with an explosion of roles that are difficult – if not impossible – to manage securely.

GigaOm, an independent technology research firm, recently put role-based access control (RBAC) head-to-head against attribute based access control (ABAC) to measure the precise impacts of choosing a legacy approach over a modern one. In this report, you’ll see:

  • The differences between RBAC, CT-RBAC, and ABAC, and the leading vendors that offer each
  • A real world scenario that demonstrates the policy changes needed to accomplish various data security tasks using each approach
  • Why using ABAC can reduce policy burden by 93x versus RBAC, and save organizations $500,000 in operational cost savings