The Ultimate Guide to Data Privacy in Healthcare and Life Sciences

For Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations, data plays a critical role in providing the most effective care and developing innovative treatments. Even more important, however, is ensuring that patient data is not exposed to those who should not have access to it.

Data privacy in healthcare requires compliance with a myriad of relevant data security regulations, industry standards, and internal rules.

In this bundle, you’ll find resources to help implement data privacy in healthcare, without frustration, bottlenecks, or delayed results. Subjects include:

  • Advancing Lifesaving Pharmaceutical Research & Development with Immuta: A case study showcasing how a major pharma company used Immuta to develop new drugs while maintaining provable regulatory compliance.
  • How to Securely Use De-Identified Health Information: A practical guide to using privacy enhancing technologies, including k-anonymization, randomized response, and sampling to enable real-time research on public health data.
  • HIPAA Compliance Playbook: Our guide to using de-identification techniques in order to meet HIPAA security compliance standards.