The Ultimate Guide to Data Privacy for Healthcare and Life Sciences

For Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations, data plays a critical role in providing the most effective care and coverage for patients. Even more important, however, is ensuring that this patient data is not exposed to those who have no right or reason to see it.

All HLS organizations must operate in a fashion that guarantees both the privacy of sensitive patient data and compliance with a myriad of relevant rules, regulations, and industry standards. Here, we’ve gathered a range of informative resources to aid HLS organizations in their data privacy efforts while maintaining the best possible care for their patients.

In this bundle, you’ll find:

  • An introduction compiled and reviewed by Immuta’s HLS subject matter experts.
  • FDA and HIPAA-Compliant Data Protection for Clinical Research: A case study outlining how Cognoa utilized Immuta to improve data utilization and maintain provable regulatory compliance.
  • How k-Anonymization is Making Health Data More Secure: An article assessing how a key privacy-enhancing technology aids in the secure handling of sensitive health data.
  • How a Health Data Company Revolutionized Research on Sensitive Data with Immuta: A case study that examines how a health non-profit worked with Immuta to securely streamline their efforts to collect and analyze COVID-19 patient data.
  • HIPAA Compliance Playbook: Our guide to using de-identification techniques in order to meet HIPAA compliance standards.