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Protect Data with Advanced Privacy Solutions

Immuta automatically scans cloud data sources, detects sensitive data, and generates standard tagging across cloud platforms, eliminating manual processes and providing full transparency into your data. This makes it easier for data teams to apply dynamic data masking and advanced access controls.

Common Data Privacy Scenarios:

  • Discover and Tag Sensitive Data
  • Anonymize PHI/PII Data
  • Mask Sensitive Data

Discover and Tag Sensitive Data

Discover sensitive information from millions of fields without manual effort. Apply 60+ prebuilt classifiers alongside domain-specific, custom classifiers based on a desired confidence level, without worrying about false positives. Enable different teams to inspect tags and validate that data has been properly identified and tagged.

Anonymize PHI/PII Data

Apply anonymization techniques at query runtime with masking techniques such as k-anonymization, format preserving masking, hashing, regular expression, conditional masking, differential privacy, and randomized response — all without writing code or copying data.

Masking Sensitive Data

Implement obfuscation techniques when queries are made, using hashing, regular expression, rounding, conditional masking, replacing with null or constant, with reversibility, with format preserving masking, as well as external masking. Protect data without having to write code or copy data.

Discovering and tagging sensitive data as it is ingested into the data fabric allowed us to to scale and automate data access for the enterprise intelligent platform.

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