The Amazon S3 Security & Access Handbook

Amazon S3 is one of the most widely used and trusted cloud storage solutions, housing more than 350 trillion objects. Its popularity is particularly relevant because unstructured data living in its storage layers is more accessible and valuable than ever before, which is key to competing in today’s AI-driven marketplace.

But how do you secure unstructured data, while ensuring that it’s used responsibly and risk-free?

In this content bundle, you’ll hear from Immuta’s leaders about where Immuta and S3 fit into the new era of cloud infrastructure security; how exactly our integration works; and how is leveraging Immuta alongside S3 and Snowflake to innovate with data and revolutionize the future of travel.

Featured Content:

  • Enabling Cloud Infrastructure Security for Storage & Compute by Mo Plassnig
  • How Immuta’s Native Integration Supports Amazon S3 Security by Matthew Carroll
  • How Streamlines Snowflake & AWS Data Security