How Immuta Earned AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status

We are thrilled to announce that Immuta has achieved the prestigious AWS Data and Analytics Competency status. This recognition from Amazon Web Services (AWS) highlights our dedication to delivering top-tier data security and analytics solutions for joint customers, and is an exciting next step in our long-standing partnership with AWS.

Earning AWS Data and Analytics Competency requires a careful vetting process, validating Immuta’s expertise and proven success in the field. It also demonstrates our ability to enable enterprises to seamlessly adopt, develop, and deploy complex projects on AWS, by providing well-architected solutions that drive actionable insights from data.

What exactly is AWS Data and Analytics Competency, and what does it mean for the security of your AWS data? In this blog, we’ll take a closer look.

About AWS Data and Analytics Competency

AWS Data and Analytics Competency is a distinguished recognition for AWS Partner Network (APN) members that demonstrate deep technical expertise and proven customer success in the realm of data and analytics. To achieve this status, companies must meet rigorous criteria set by AWS – demonstrating a long track record of delivering customer-centric solutions, passing a comprehensive technical validation, and providing customer references that highlight successful data and analytics projects.

For Immuta, AWS Data and Analytics Competency is about more than just meeting these high standards. It affirms our position as a trusted leader in data security, and validates our ability to deliver solutions that are not only technically sound, but also aligned with best practices that allow customers to de-risk their data and get more out of their AWS investments.

How Immuta De-Risks AWS Data and Analytics

Immuta provides native data security for data stored in AWS services, such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3. With this competency, we are better equipped to deepen these integrations and deliver innovative solutions across the suite of AWS services.

For customers like, Immuta’s native integration with Amazon S3 Access Grants protects data stored S3 buckets in the same, consistent way that it secures data in compute layers. This allows to de-risk data – regardless of where it is stored – so that human users and service accounts can access the right data, without manual processes or any sensitive information falling through the cracks.

By extension, Immuta’s integration also protects Amazon EMR and SageMaker data, opening up new opportunities for analytics, AI, and ML workloads. With tens of thousands of companies using these services – and exponentially more data stored within them – the ability to enable fast, secure data access, with no performance impacts, is a game changer for organizations looking to make their AWS data go even further.

Get an in-depth look at how enforces policy across a hybrid infrastructure, including Amazon S3 and Snowflake, in this blog.

Immuta + AWS: Delivering Powerful Solutions At Scale

Customers across every industry and region rely on AWS to deliver reliable, scalable cloud storage and computing for their most important workloads. The strength and impact of our collaboration has grown over the years, as we have worked together to deliver solutions that address our customers’ evolving needs. Today, Immuta is the first data security solution to natively integrate with Amazon S3, in addition to Amazon Redshift and Redshift Spectrum.

Together, Immuta and AWS provide customers with robust storage, analytics, and security, allowing them to strike the balance between protecting data from a growing cyber threat landscape, and leveraging that data for business-driving insights. This functionality puts scalable data security and access into the hands of millions of users.

One of the key strengths of our partnership is the ability to leverage AWS’s extensive suite of services to tap into new insights. By integrating Immuta, joint customers simplify data access control, improve security, and manage data more efficiently across these services, increasing data’s value and cloud ROI.

As an AWS Data and Analytics Competency Partner, we are committed to providing the most secure and effective capabilities, in sync with the latest AWS developments and best practices. Whether it’s through enhanced data analytics capabilities or data security measures, our clients – from major pharmaceutical companies to critical government agencies – are confident that they are receiving the best possible support and trustworthy solutions.

Looking Ahead

It goes without saying that we are honored to receive AWS Data and Analytics Competency status. This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that empower our customers to de-risk and maximize the value of their data.

Looking ahead, the future of our partnership with AWS is bright. This competency not only affirms our joint progress to date, but also paves the way for further innovations and advancements. We are excited to continue leveraging the latest AWS technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions for emerging customer needs and threats to data.

To read more about our integration with Amazon S3, get your copy of The Amazon S3 Data Security & Access Handbook. Get started de-risking your AWS data by meeting with a member of our team.

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